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Love for Hadassah

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Shalom Shabazi

The love for Hadassah is bound up in my heart,
But I, deep in exile, my footsteps are sinking.

If only I were able, I would ascend to become one,
Within the gates of Zion, those exalted ones.

Morning and evening I will remember the daughter of the nobles,
My heart and my thoughts are throbbing with desire.

With beautiful songs I will wake up from wandering,
And I and my beloved will shout for joy.

Understand O holy congregation, unite in song,
Groom and bride gather together under the huppah.

It is a day of celebrations for a dear threatened one,
Because she and her beloved bestow grace and lovingkindness.

Together on the table, my beloved’s cup calls out,
Our survivors and all the treasured ones recite the grace after meals.

With the cup of salvation I will rejoice and sing,
I will reveal my secret to all, and respond to the questioners.

A good name for the enlightened with upright knowledge,
for with their inclination they will surely rule.

The desire of their hearts is to do powerful good,
They will ascend to Gan Eden and to a life of rest.

My sole love flows for the goodness of the God of radiance,
Blessed is He who rewards all good deeds.

Peace shall flow to my community as a river,
Old and young, and to all of the babies.

Translation from the original Hebrew, adapted from: Beth Tzedec Congregation (Toronto), Mizmor Monthly: Rosh Hodesh, Tammuz 2023; National Library of Israel